Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend Fun

    This past weekend was a quilting weekend. Ellen P. was finishing up this stunning music quilt, and I asked if I could post a photo of it here, so everyone could enjoy it. She has been collecting music-themed fabric for the past few years for this quilt for her daughter. Ellen is also making a second quilt just like this one for her daughter's music teacher. What truly magnificent gifts! I'm sure they will be treasured forever. 

     Ellen did tell me the name of the pattern, but of course, I didn't write it down. Hopefully, when she sees this she will leave a comment or email me the pattern's name and the name of the pattern designer so I will be able to provide that information.

     Saturday's gathering was cut short because the governor asked everyone to be off the roads by 5:00pm as another storm was bearing down on us. Thank goodness the snow came and went quickly as  I had a very important birthday party to attend on Sunday afternoon. My littlest cousin Desmond is turning two next week. The party was held this weekend at the start of school vacation week and fortunately, by noontime the roads were cleared and one of my wonderful neighbors had cleared my driveway. I wouldn't have wanted to miss celebrating with this cute, happy little guy.

Update: The pattern is called Urban Cabin by Atkinson Deigns.

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