Thursday, February 13, 2014

An Upcoming Project

    It's been a week since I last posted. I'd like to be able to say I have accomplished quite a bit in the past week, but that wouldn't be true. I did go on a mini fabric shophop on Saturday in search of just the right fabrics for this upcoming project. I've been looking all over for the right greens or at least the ones that I had pictured in my mind. The pattern is Gaelic Blessingss by Ricky Tims. It's a double Irish chain with variations and a Celtic cross.  Besides these two gorgeous greens, I will use a tone on tone cream, charcoal, and a warm gold for the cross. The cross will be machine appliquéd and may not be this gold that I have in my stash. I won't be able to start on this project for a while; perhaps I will get it all cut and then bring it with me on a quilt getaway weekend next month.
     Yesterday, I went with friends to deliver some quilts to be longarmed by Suki Wright at Dancing Crane Quilting in Contoocook in NH. That also meant going for lunch and a quick stop at Quilted Threads in nearby Henneker. I didn't really need any fabric, but I did hope to buy a yard of the same fabric that I had used for leaves in my poppy quilt. Unfortunately, that fabric was gone. Note to self: next time buy more if you think you might be able to use it. There is nothing printed on the salvage edge, so I'm out of luck.
     Today was another miserable winter weather day, but for the most part we had rain, not more snow. When I went to wheel the trash and recycling barrels out to the curb this evening, I discovered my steps are now covered by a thick slab of ice. That should make things interesting in the morning!

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