Monday, September 16, 2013

The Adventure Begins

     A group from the South Shore Camera Club returned home yesterday from a  wonderful vacation in Italy. My original plan had been to blog each day while on the trip, but unreliable internet connections made that impossible, so in the days ahead I will share my photos and notes from the trip.
     We had quite a scare on the plane when one of our friends suddenly became ill. Fortunately, we had two nurses in our group and a doctor on the plane also came forward to help. Our friend was given fluids intravenously and upon landing she was whisked away by ambulance to a local hospital. Gaia, our guide, met us at the airport and she decided to bring us to Ostia while she went to the hospital to assess the situation.  Ostia is a popular beach area, and we wandered around taking photos.

     The umbrellas and beach chairs were ready, but at that early hour it was still too cool for all but a few.

     After an hour, Gaia returned with our friend who was by then was well enough to rejoin the group. Thank goodness!!! We then boarded our bus and headed to Pompeii.  

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