Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And Then There Were Fourteen . . .

     I passed this windswept mass of colorful cosmos growing in a front yard on my walk with Emma this morning.
     It has been a week or two since I have seen the turkey family, but look what I saw in my neighbor's yard a few days ago. These two adult turkeys were puffed up and strutting about surrounded by a flock of young'uns.

     There were a total of fourteen turkeys. Yikes!!!

    One was on the other side of the chain link fence in the front yard.

I don't want to suggest that he wasn't too bright, but the poor little one spent forty-five minutes sticking his head through each of the openings in the fence trying to find the magic portal that would allow him to join the rest of the gang. His pitiful cries became louder and louder as he became more and more frustrated. The cries were driving Emma inside the house crazy, so I went out and began flapping my arms while approaching it; it worked! Up and over the fence he flew. I hadn't realized that I had had an audience as a neighbor was walking by at the time and had watched my performance. He said there was another young bird stranded on the other side of the house, so he decided to do what I had done. He, too, was successful and the other bird soon went soaring over the fence.

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