Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fence Sitters

     I know what some of you are thinking . . . enough already with the turkey photos, but honestly I couldn't resist adding these two. This morning I had just let Emma out into the yard for a few minutes while I finished getting ready to head down to the Cape with a friend. I heard Emma barking (not an unusual occurrence as my neighbors will attest), but this was a somewhat different kind of bark. It wasn't the frenzied bark when she spots a squirrel or the greeting bark she gives when someone walks by; this was different. Going to investigate, I saw Emma in the middle of the yard barking at the turkey family that was perched along the top of the chain link fence which runs along the back of my property. She wasn't moving toward them, just barking and observing. Quickly, I brought her inside, grabbed my camera,  and dashed back out. Sure enough, I had the wrong lens and had to go back for a longer zoom. "Don't move," I pleaded with them, and they didn't. When I dashed back outside, they were still in position. I tried explaining that if they would all just turn around and face me and perhaps move down a bit either into the shade or the sunlight that it would make for a better family portrait. Alas, my suggestion went unheeded. They were, however, quite content to let me approach closer and closer.

     There is a good size flock of turkeys that prowls a few streets over from me. I don't know if this little family will be the start of a flock in my area. Now, while they're young it's still cute; I'm not sure how I'll feel when they become full size.

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  1. these pictures gave me a good laugh this morning x