Friday, August 2, 2013

Emma, My Little Entomologist

     It's been awhile since I have devoted a post to Emma, my faithful companion and part-time entomologist. When she's not patrolling the yard and barking at squirrels, she seems to have a very real fascination with bugs of all kind.

I love how she assumes this position for further study of the little critters.

It actually comes in handy when an uninvited ant or earwig makes its way into the sunporch; Emma spots them every time.

Speaking of insects,  I spotted this little beauty the other day in my garden. I love the coloration. Because of its petite size I think it belongs to the damselflies family. Damselflies and dragonflies are elusive, swift little creatures and as such are sometimes difficult to photograph. Did you know that according to scientists who have examined fossil records, dragonflies have remained basically unchanged for 250 million years!!!

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