Saturday, June 8, 2013


     It's funny how you associate certain plants with certain people. I think of my Aunt Mildred when I see a fuchsia as every spring she would have one hanging in the breezeway. We've had some mixed weather this week; Wednesday and Thursday were glorious, but we also had our share of rain. These photos were taken earlier in the week.

     On Wednesday, Emma and I had a visit from my cousin and her little girls. They love Emma, and she loves them. After playtime with Emma, it was off to lunch and then a stop at the park. It's always so much fun when they come to visit, and I always get new artwork for my refrigerator.
     Yesterday, I went with friends to NH to drop off some quilts to be machine quilted. After lunch, we stopped at a favorite quilt shop, Quilted Threads, in Henneker, NH. Then we began the l-o-n-g- drive home in the pouring rain. Things went fairly smoothly until we approached Boston and then the traffic began to crawl. I thought we'd never get across the Zakim Bridge and through the tunnel as we inched along bumper to bumper. The miserable ride was forgotten, however, when we reached Liz's house and learned the joyous news that her daughter Courtney had received an acceptance notice from the medical school from which she had been hoping to hear. Getting into medical school is extremely difficult, and we are all thrilled for this bright, wonderful young lady.

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