Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ten Days until Spring

     On Friday when I last posted, the forecast had called for 3-6 inches, possibly 4-8, and perhaps a bit more in the higher elevations. Well, the meteorologists with all their fancy computers and tools were just a tad off. We received a good eighteen inches! WOW! You can't really blame the weatherfolks though as predicting weather in New England is not for the fainthearted. The storm which was tracking far off the coast decided to stall and kept spinning more and more snow in our direction.
     Emma wasn't bothered by the snow at all as she is light enough to walk on top of it.  We've had bright blue skies and temperatures in the forties yesterday and today so the snow levels are rapidly declining.
     I'm not sure why I took this photo; I just liked it.

     In 2011, the papers used a "Shaq-o-meter" to measure snowfall as it fell at Logan Airport. Shaquille O'Neal was then playing with the Boston Celtics, and so the papers placed a photo of Shaq on the front page and beside him marked the snow total after each storm. That was some winter!!! The snow climbed up higher and higher on Shaq. Last year, we had hardly any snow at all, about nine inches. We are currently at sixty inches this year, and with spring just ten days away perhaps this is it for the season, but of course, this being New England I wouldn't count on it. 

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  1. Janice,
    I hope you enter the second image as an intimate landscape for the tri-club competition. I think it would do well and really hope you enter it!