Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apple Picking


     On Wednesday, I went apple picking with my soon to be four years old cousin and her mom. It was great fun, and they introduced me to the culinary delight of warm cider doughnuts. H'mmm . . . Yum!!! Preschoolers and their families went to the Honey Pot Hills Orchard in Stowe, MA.
      The photo above was altered using an app called ColorSplash on my iPad. I thought the apples would make a fine subject. When you upload one of your photos, it comes in as a grayscale. You then use your finger tip as a brush to add back color where you want it. That's a simplified explanation, but honestly that's really about all there is to it. The video tutorial with the app is clear and well done.


     This morning I went with my friend Laurel down to Ryco's in Lincoln, Rhode Island. I wanted to purchase a few more yards of a fabric which I had previously bought and which I now hope to use in a one-block wonder quilt. Besides having fabric, Ryco's carries a large selection of ribbon, trims, and braids.

     Ryco's is located in an old mill on the banks of the Blackstone River, and it is there that I shot this photo. The leaves in some spots are beginning to turn bright yellow. There are many old mills and buildings in the area. I've often thought that this one would make a perfect setting for a thirties-style gangster movie.

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