Saturday, September 9, 2017

Autumn Door Wreath

Yesterday I saw a photo of an autumn wreath which caught my eye on the blog, adirondack girl @ heart. Diana's blog which is primarily about her passion for antique and vintage things is always fun and interesting to read.  Yesterday her post was "12 Quick & Easy Fabulous DIY Projects.  "

I had made an autumn door decoration last year, but it didn't have quite the impact that I wanted. It's now hanging on a white closet door where it looks great. Today after our Herring Run Quilt Guild meeting, I stopped at Michael's to pick up what I needed for this project. Since I already had a grapevine wreath,  I only needed to purchase the flowers and the burlap bow.  I used pliers to snip off the stems leaving about an inch and a half, and then with trusty glue gun in hand attached the flowers around the wreath. The project took all of about ten minutes. . . okay . . .  maybe twelve. :-)

By the way, today's guild speaker was art quilter, Pat Pauly. Her presentation was delightful which made me regret not having signed up for yesterday's workshop.

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  1. Cute and happy wreath! I love the bright autumn colors!