Sunday, December 15, 2013

Second Snowfall

     The snow had just begun falling yesterday when I snapped this photo. Emma has never used this doghouse; it's just a decorative feature in the backyard.

     Lovely, light, fluffy snow soon dusted the branches of the fir tree which I have been decorating for the past few years. Unfortunately, the snow we woke up to this morning was not light and fluffy but rather, it was very, very heavy wet snow. Since the temperature was predicted to soon drop, I spent quite a while shoveling my driveway and walkways. I'm usually a true snow lover, but not when it is this type of snow. 
     Later this afternoon when I was passing the fully decorated tree in the corner of the living room I noticed it beginning to sway slightly. Holding the tree upright with one hand, I began to quickly remove all of the ornaments, glass ones first. When it was stripped of decorations, I discovered the problem. One of the legs of the stand had not been fully opened. . . my bad. Thank goodness I was able to prevent a disaster from happening. 

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