Saturday, December 28, 2013

For Me???

     Here's Emma checking out a Christmas present from my cousin Kristin's family. The girls picked out some fun toys for Emma and there was also a bag of treats. Emma was a very lucky puppy this Christmas as she received another toy from my friend Janice and two more from Santa.

     This weekend is our regular scheduled quilting weekend in Stoughton. My friend Donna was busy adding the final borders to her one block wonder quilt, and she agreed to let me show you her simply exquisite work. Above is the fabric that she used and here is the completed quilt top.

     Part of the fun of one block wonder quilts is that you are never sure how they will turn out. You can use a special kaleidoscope mirror to get a suggestion of how the fabric might look, but you never truly know until the fabric pieces are all cut and sewn together. Two people using the same fabric will get totally different results.  As you can see from Donna's quilt, sometimes the results are simply stunning.

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  1. wow!!
    Emma has grown into such a lovely dog xx seems like Christmas was good all round xx