Sunday, October 20, 2013

In Search of Autumn Color

     I didn't make it to the backroads of Vermont this fall, so I've been waiting for the leaves to change in my area. Finally, there is a bit of spotty color here and there. My neighbor had made this little house a few years ago as a winter shelter for a cat which used to hang around our area. When I got Emma, he brought it over to my yard, but she has never used it. It's merely a yard decoration which I have been meaning to paint for the last year.

These photos were taken of some trees in the woods behind my house.

 A neighbor's tree . . .

Yesterday, I attended a fun birthday party in Berlin, MA, for my cousin's triplets. It doesn't seem possible that they are now eight!!!

     It was so lovely this morning that after Mass I called a friend and we headed to Concord to the Minute Man National Park. I had visions of taking photos of the wooden bridge with canoeists gliding by under  a canopy of colorful foliage. No such luck! Most of the trees along the river had already lost their leaves.

 There were two tree which were glorious, and it was a perfect day for a visit.

  Quite a few people had the same idea, and many were walking with their dogs. Whatever you do, please don't tell Emma. :-()

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