Monday, October 21, 2013

Autumn Reflections

     I was running an errand this afternoon when driving by Whitman's Pond in Weymouth this site caught my eye. On the way back after completing my errand, I pulled into the parking lot and took this quick shot with my iPhone. 

     I've been making some progress on my quilted landscape. The water has been a real challenge. I debated between three different fabrics and finally settled on this greenish batik fabric. It was originally too bright, so I mixed up a wash of water and a little black Setacolor transparent fabric paint. After a few attempts at toning it down, I'm finally happy with it. I've also changed the colors of some of the buildings.
     The individual sections are adhered with MistyFuse, a lightweight fusible web. After the entire top is completed, the piece will be layered and quilted.  

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