Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Blizzard of 2013

     This photo was taken from my sunporch as the snow began falling yesterday morning. The ominous forecasts talked of the impending monster storm. By 6:00pm, the winds had picked up and the snow was piling up. As the night progressed, the winds started to howl and the lights flickered on and off throughout the evening. Fortunately, I never lost power.

     This shot was taken early this morning. I had shoveled the back porch late last night before turning in, so I was able to get the porch door open. Weymouth received 26 inches of snow!!! Mother Nature definitely made up for the lack of snow we have been enjoying this winter. Can you find the doghouse  in the above photo?
     The drifts were incredible; some were three or four feet deep.

     I shoveled the back porch and stairs and the front stairs and walkway, but my wonderful neighbors cleared my driveway. Thank goodness!!! I am blessed to have very good neighbors.

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