Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quality of iPhone Images

     I purchased this lovely orchid the other day while picking up some things at one of the local big box stores. I thought it might be interesting to compare the quality of the image taken with my iPhone to that of one taken by my compact Canon Sureshot camera. Both shots were handheld and admittedly taken at different times. At first glance, the photo above looks just fine, but compare it to the photo below taken with my little Canon Sureshot.

    To really see the difference, you need to click on each photo to view it as a larger image. The "real" camera produced a sharper image, and that is why I always carry both my iPhone and my small camera with me. The iPhone is handy and truly great for grabshots, but I tend to reach more often for my small camera. Having said that, there are many fun photo apps for the iPhone which I will be exploring.

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