Monday, February 25, 2013

A Few Inches of Snow

     This morning dawned clear and bright with a blanket of new fallen snow covering the ground. For the third weekend in a row we have had snow. Fortunately, this storm brought only a few inches, barely enough to shovel. This is the magical scene which greeted me as I let Emma out this morning. 

     Knowing that the forecast was calling for quickly climbing temperatures, I headed back inside to get my camera.

     Upon close inspection I saw the snow on these branches was beginning to melt, and crystal droplets were beginning to form.  I raced back inside once again to grab a closeup filter to get these images. 

     You can click on the photos to see larger versions. This is one time when I would highly recommend doing so as I am quite pleased with the closeups. For those who are curious about my equipment, I used my trusty Nikon D60 with my regular close focusing 18 -55mm lens to which I added a T3 closeup filter. These were all hand held.  [Closeup filters T1, T2, andT3 are used with zoom lenses and are an inexpensive way to do limited macro work.]

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