Friday, February 8, 2013

A Blizzard Is Coming!!! A Blizzard Is Coming!!!

     At 10:00 AM, the snow has just begun falling giving credence to the alarm that the weather folks have been sounding. The predictions are for 16 to 24 inches by tomorrow. There may also be places which will receive up to 30 inches. Yikes!!! I plan to hunker down and spend the day quilting having given myself the day off from going to the gym. I know I'll get my share of exercise shoveling out this weekend. Thank goodness I have two wonderful neighbors who I think will clear my driveway for me.
   What a coincidence that the massive blizzard of 1978 occurred thirty-five years ago this week. Now that was a storm!!! I live on a well traveled street, but the plows were simply unable to keep up with the incredible amount of snow we received. The roads were totally impassable, but everyone pulled together and helped each other out. I remember folks pulling sleds as they trudged up the hill asking if folks need anything at the store. They were heading to a market about three quarters of a mile away. My neighbor was a head nurse at South Shore Hospital and so a snowmobile was sent to bring her out to the main road where she could be transported to work. I will never forget the image of Mrs. M. in her crisp white nurse's uniform and white stocking perched onto the back of a snowmobile! Schools were closed for a week. No one will ever forget that storm.
     Will this storm compare to that? We'll just have to wait and see.

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