Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Very Rainy Day

      Did I take this photo today? No, today was a very cool, rainy Sunday. These pretty yellow crocuses   were open earlier this week when we had a bit of sun and warmth. It's been quite a week weather-wise.

     Here's a small hand appliquéd piece that I worked on last weekend on our NH getaway. I just couldn't bring myself to lug my sewing machine and all my fabric and equipment with me. I opted, instead, to work on this piece. I found that I really enjoyed doing the hand stitching. After the center was completed, I decided to add borders. It truly is square though it would not appear so from this photo. Next I added a sprinkling of beads. This close-up may give you a better look at the beadwork.

      On Friday, I attended a show in Norwell of exquisite work done by members of the North River Applique Society. (I believe that is the correct name, but I may be mistaken.) There were small, medium, large, and very large hand appliquéd quilts on display. Knowing how many hours it took for me to complete my tiny piece, gives me an even deeper appreciation of the beautiful work which was on display. Speaking of shows, several of us went to the Quinobequin Quilters Guild show in Needham yesterday. There were over one hundred quilts on display. What I enjoyed most was the diversity of the quilts. It was a terrific show by a talented group of quilters.

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