Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Beatles - February 1, 1964

     It was fifty years ago today that "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles climbed to number one after just two weeks on the billboard charts. Two weeks later young girls across America crowded in front of small black and white TV sets as the "Lads from Liverpool" as Ed Sullivan called them performed on his variety show. I remember a couple of things from that night: my friends and I crying in a kind of happy hysteria when they appeared, my bemused dad trying to read the Sunday paper and remarking that they all needed darn good haircuts, and acknowledging that perhaps their music wasn't too bad, and the faces of the crying, screaming fans lucky enough to be there in person.
     How could it possibly be fifty years????? Oh, in case you are wondering, this record, the pin, and a group of The Beatles bubble gum cards have been stashed away in the bottom of my closet all that time. Somethings you just have to hold on to. :-()

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