Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Orange Poppy Quilt

     Last Wednesday morning in the midst of the snow and bitter cold, I suddenly felt the urge to create a bright, warm colorful quilt. A year or two ago, I had taken a photo of a sunlit orange poppy that I thought might make a good subject. I had already tucked away an assortment of orange batik fabrics into a file folder along with an 8x10 print of the poppy. I used the same method I have been using on my Venice piece and that I used on my first photo quilt of Manarola. I worked on it for five straight days; you might say I became obsessed with it. Here are some close-ups of the piece which measure 22 x17 inches.

I loved working on it from start to finish and am thrilled with how it turned out. It makes my heart sing.

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  1. wow! could warem your hands on those beautiful colours x LOVE it x