Monday, January 6, 2014

Adventures with Emma - MUD

     Here's a photo of Emma taken just the other day when she was looking oh so precious and sweet. Below is a photo taken this morning with Emma looking bedraggled and muddy. Let me tell you what happened.

     Friday we had the big snowstorm, Saturday the temperature was a frigid four degrees early in the morning, Sunday it rose into the thirties, and this morning it was a downright balmy fifty degrees. Amazingly, much of our snow evaporated over night and the warm temps led to some soggy parts of the lawn. I take Emma out on a leash first thing in the morning, but my hair was wet from the shower, and I decided to let her go out by herself for a few minutes knowing she would come back in quickly for breakfast. First BIG mistake! Second BIG mistake . . . not realizing that the strip running along the fence where she likes to chase squirrels was one long, wide tract of mud! Too late, she was off like a flash! I tried calling her back, but she was in high gear dashing across the yard barking her head off at the obnoxious squirrels. I swear they sit on the limb above the fence just waiting to torment her. It wasn't pretty. . . I called and called and called, but she totally ignored me as she was too busy racing about enjoying herself after having been on a leash for the past few days. This went on for some time. Eventually I grabbed a tangerine, went outside, and held it up. That did it; she decided to come back in. (I know this is not a good way to train a dog, but she loves a small tangerine slice when I'm eating breakfast, and I wasn't above using this ploy to get her to come inside.)
     Okay, now I had her in the kitchen, and perhaps the photo doesn't show it but Emma's legs were wet and covered with mud. My towels turned brown quickly from the muck.  A bath was needed. I do have two big tubs in the basement, but I thought the bathtub upstairs would be best as it would be much warmer there than the unheated basement. With a warm bath started, I ran downstairs, scooped up Emma, and headed upstairs. Into the tub she went and I grabbed what I thought was the shampoo. Within minutes the water was positively filthy. It was only later when I began drying her off that I realized I had used "fruit fusion" conditioner instead of shampoo! It didn't matter and at least one or two layers of dirt were removed.
      Later tonight the warm temps will drop down into the freezing zone again, and I for one won't complain one bit when the ground is frozen once again.  Emma is on my lap as I am posting this, and I must say she smells really lovely and her fur is fluffy and shiny. :-)

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  1. nice fluffy sweet smelling dog for you to cuddle sounds good to me xxx next doors cats sit on the fence just out of reach of one of my dogs ,... he HATES them and barks constantly at them!! I use any form of bribary that works!! lolx