Sunday, May 26, 2013

Testing My New Macro Lens

     The last few days have been dreary, damp, and dismal.  When we have short breaks in the weather, I've been testing my new macro lens.

     Isn't this peach iris a beauty? My brother purchased these irises for my mom many, many years ago, and they have bloomed faithfully each year. 

This is one of my favorites from the week.

Even the humble dandelion looks better through a macro lens. :-)

     The 90mm length also makes this a good lens for portraits. Here's my favorite subject, Emma. Emma and I spent yesterday with my cousins and their children. At first, although she had been invited, I was wasn't sure whether I should bring Emma or not.  I'm glad I did as she was on her best behavior and received non-stop pats and hugs from the children. We both had a most excellent time.

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