Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quilter in Space

     The Boston Modern Quilt Guild is asking quilters to make 12.5" blocks using the colors: blue, yellow, white, and grey. Quilters may incorporate two, three, or all four colors in their squares. These quilt blocks will be then be made into quilts for the victims of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. Many area quilt shops are collecting these quilt blocks including our wonderful, local quilt shop, Heart and Hands, in South Weymouth, MA. They are due by May22nd.

     I've made six blocks for this special cause. My favorite was the last block I made. I didn't follow a pattern, but rather, pieced together leftover odds and ends. It's not something I have ever tried before, but its contemporary look is pleasing to my eye.

    Speaking of quilting, check out "First Quilter in Space". When astronaut Karen Nyberg is launched on May 28 to the International Space Station, she will be taking a few small quilting essentials with her. It's a fun article to read, especially her plans for the scraps she will use from the space station's "rag bag."

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