Friday, April 5, 2013

Purple Crocuses

     Crocuses or croci . . . either one will do.
     When I came back from the gym a little while ago, I noticed that this small clump of croci were open. I love their shade of purple, so I ran for my camera and had some fun photographing them. The sky was overcast like a giant soft box giving a soft even light.
     My favorite photo below was taken with a regular 18-55mm with a 3T close-up filter.

This is just the type of soft floral photo that I like to take. Oh, one more thing, this was taken just inches away from where I took the snake photo that I posted yesterday. Fortunately, it's too cold today for them to be slithering about.
     If you enjoy photography and live in the area, please stop by the John Curtis Library on Route 139 in Hanover, MA,  during the month of April to see an exhibit of images by members of the South Shore Camera Club. There is an opening reception Saturday, April 6th, tomorrow from 2:00 to 4:00 and all are welcome. I will be there as I have two photos in this exhibit.

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  1. any colour at this time of year is wonderful... these are stunning x the ground here (in the UK)is sooo cold and hard everything is delayed... forcast for rain next week so maybe it will start to warm up then x hope so xx