Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Advice

     As I did for Valentine's Day last year, I decided to delve into my collection of sheet music for help with this posting. All the talk shows this week have been doing pieces on what folks should and shouldn't do to celebrate tomorrow, so here's my advice. As "Snooky" Lanson sang in 1945, "Say Something Sweet to Your Sweetheart." 

     Serenade your sweetie with a song. "Peg of My Heart" was a favorite of my dad. I must have heard that piece a couple of hundred times growing up. His other favorite for which I don't have the sheet music was an old piece that went something like this. . .    Put on your old grey bonnet with the blue ribbon on it while I hitch old Dobbin to the shay. Through the fields of clover we will ride to Dover on our golden wedding day." If you have two minutes, click on this link Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet to hear it performed by the Hayden Quartet. It's a jaunty, catchy little ditty. I just remember the chorus. One of the special memories of my childhood was my mom and dad often singing as they did the dishes together.

     Next, try never to be . . .

Isn't this cover lovely? The illustrator was Frederick Manning.

     If money is tight, then just take your sweetie out for a spin on "A Bicycle Built for Two."

     Two last covers that lament the fact that the course of true love doesn't always go smoothly. On the cover above it says, "The Pal That I Loved Stole the Gal That I Loved" a "sympathetic ballad with ukulele accompaniment."  It was "Successfully Sung by Rubini and Rosa," in 1924.

      Newhoff and Phelts (pictured) in 1914 also sang of the age-old sadness of unrequited love in Gus Kahn's "The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else."
     I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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