Saturday, April 14, 2012

One Pooped Puppy

     It was four weeks ago today that I brought Emma home. She is an absolute joy. This was a big week for Emma as she received her third set of shots which means it is now safe for her to be around other dogs. It also means that we have started taking walks down the street. She is doing pretty well walking on a leash, and it's good to be back taking daily walks even if they are, for now, shorter walks than I was used to with Katie.
     This afternoon Emma attended her first session of puppy classes, and I'm happy to report that she did just fine.  She interacted well with the other dogs, and she also went around to all the other owners for a quick pat. She was a true social success.  Of course,  I'm admittedly biased, but she really caught on quickly to everything the instructor was having us do.
     This photo was taken later on the sunporch when we returned home. Emma was one pooped puppy.

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